Praise for MoniClaire Vineyards Wines

Reviews The Piedmont Post March 12,2008:

"Thousands of Zin drinkers converge at the annual Grand tasting of the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers Association (ZAP). Each year, thousands of people come to taste the releases. As usual the Piedmont Post attended and this year I was assisted by experienced wine drinker Greg Slatoff. We tried to focus on wines that I have not written about in the past.

The following wines were the best we tasted from a huge field of contenders. They are truly outstanding examples of what Zinfandel is all about. 2006 MoniClaire Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley $28.00 luscious aroma of plums and chocolate. Medium weight wine with dark berry fruit and earth. The wine ends with a long, smooth, tannin-free finish".
Bill McNabb

  winegeeks February, 2008:

"I tried this wine at the ZAP festival. They are a new winery from the Dry Creek Valley. My group thought that this wine really stood apart from the typical Zins that we tasted there.

I also had this wine at the ZAP event. Definitly a cut above the rest. More flavor and body than most of the other zins."

  "I love these wines!
I can't decide which one I like more so I bought some of all of them!"
Don, Scottsdale, AZ

"The passion and love they have for their daughters shows through in the wines."
Jan, San Jose, CA

"This is the best Zinfandel I have ever tasted."
Jim, Morgan Hill, CA

"Thanks so much for the Zinfandel - it was wonderful! My husband agrees and says it packs quite a kick!"
Cindy, San Jose, CA

Wow! As soon as the first taste of MoniClaire Vineyards 2005 Petite Sirah hit my tongue, a bright and sparkling feeling came over me. As I continued to absorb it’s full-bodied aroma and delicious taste, I remarked to the winemaker: "I feel like I am tasting Gold Medals here -- this is the best Petite Sirah I’ve EVER tasted"
John, Healdsburg, CA