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Peter Smiderle Monica, Claire & Peter
"The girls and I tie up some vines
in the early 90's"

My wife, Mary Beth and I planted our first chardonnay vineyard in 1986 in the Los Gatos hills, and soon after began experimenting with different varitals. As our interest increased and our skills improved, we set our sights on eventually settling in one of California's premier grape growing regions. We feel very lucky to have found our property in the Dry Creek Valley.

My experience with grape growing and wine making came at the side of my father, who was an accomplished winemaker in Southern California. His skill in winemaking, his encouragement and guidance fueled my passion, and inspires me even in his absence.

In 2000 we planted our first commercial vineyard in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County. Most of our five planted acres are head pruned in the old Italian style to ensure powerful flavors with intense varietal characteristics.

MoniClaire is the name we chose for our vineyard. It is the combined name of our two daughters, Monica and Claire. As their pictures on our website attest - they have an ongoing interest in this family winemaking endeavor.

Peter & Mary Beth Smiderle

MoniClaire Vineyards
Claire with cat Parker
"Can't drink wine yet, so I'll
enjoy the grapes!"
MoniClaire Vineyards
Claire and Monica
Early Farming Days
MoniClaire Vineyards
Monica Crushes
"It's a lot of work to keep my
name on the label."

Our vineyard manager, Antonio, brings a honed skill to our rigorous vine management activities. His techniques and suggestions have generated the level of quality reflected in our end product. MoniClaire Vineyards
Antonio Gonzales
Vineyard Manager